BHNZ Quartets

National convention-winning quartets can be found on our Past Champions page.
Quartet Chapter Area of operation Region Category
5th MelodyPacific ConnectionWellington Mixed
AuroraChristchurch City VoicesChristchurchChristchurchWomens
City MixVocal FX Inc.Wellington Mixed
Class ActHarmony WaitahaChristchurchCanterbury
DeleteMembers at LargeNew Zealand 
Double BassHarmony WaitahaChristchurchCanterbury
EchoMembers at LargeNew Zealand Mixed
EndeavourVocal FX Inc.Wellington 
EuphonicVocal FX Inc.Wellington Mixed
ExpressoblenzManawatunesPalmerston North 
F.O.N.O.A.ManawatunesPalmerston North 
Fire & IceMembers at LargeNew Zealand Womens
FocusChristchurch City VoicesChristchurchChristchurchWomens
FootprintsManawatunesPalmerston North 
Good Names Take TimeManawatunesPalmerston North 
Good Times Harmony BandHarmony WaitahaChristchurchCanterbury
Grace NotesMembers at LargeNew Zealand Womens
Grand Central QuartetVocal FX Inc.Wellington Mixed
Harper's BizarreMembers at LargeNew Zealand Mixed
Hot Property QuartetMembers at LargeNew Zealand Womens
KokotauaMighty River HarmonyHamilton 
La La LadsVocal FX Inc.Wellington 
Last ChanceHarbour Capital ChorusWellington Senior
Les MillserablesMembers at LargeNew Zealand Mixed
Locked InVocal FX Inc.Wellington Mixed
Looney TunesMighty River HarmonyHamilton 
Mixed MetafourMembers at LargeNew Zealand Senior Mixed
Mixed PotentialMembers at LargeNew Zealand Mixed
MixelodeonHarmony WaitahaChristchurchCanterburyMixed
No Strings AttachedMembers at LargeNew Zealand Senior
NoneVocal FX Inc.Wellington 
Nor' WestersHarmony WaitahaChristchurchCanterburySenior
Not Too ShabbyChristchurch City VoicesChristchurchChristchurchWomens
Outrageous Four TunesBeachside HarmonyKapiti CoastWellingtonMixed
Phase 4Harmony WaitahaChristchurchCanterburySenior
Pitch PatrolMembers at LargeNew Zealand Mixed
Pitch Pipe PlayboysMighty River HarmonyHamilton Senior
Pitch PleaseHarmony WaitahaChristchurchCanterbury
PromenadeHarmony WaitahaChristchurchCanterbury
Quartet.hrmnyHarmony WaitahaChristchurchCanterbury
Quattro QuartetMembers at LargeNew Zealand Womens
ReboundVocal FX Inc.Wellington 
RemixMembers at LargeNew Zealand Mixed
Renew!Members at LargeNew Zealand Womens
Smile and waveManawatunesPalmerston North 
SoundCheckManawatunesPalmerston North 
SynergyVocal FX Inc.Wellington 
Take NoteTasmonicsNelson Mixed
Terra FirmaHarmony WaitahaChristchurchCanterburyMixed
Test ChorusMighty River HarmonyHamilton 
The B-FladsVocal FX Inc.Wellington Youth
The Bassic PitchesVocal FX Inc.Wellington 
The EssentialsVocal FX Inc.Wellington 
The FlatmatesMighty River HarmonyHamilton 
The Low-Down QuartetMembers at LargeNew Zealand Womens
The MatchMembers at LargeNew Zealand Mixed
The ReflectionsMembers at LargeNew Zealand 
The RemarkablesHarbour Capital ChorusWellington 
The Usual SuspectsMighty River HarmonyHamilton 
The Vocal NetworkMembers at LargeNew Zealand 
Voila'Members at LargeNew Zealand Womens
XClaimationManawatunesPalmerston North Senior
Young at HeartMarlborough SoundsBlenheim Senior
ZEALMembers at LargeNew Zealand Womens
ZestMembers at LargeNew Zealand Womens