Official Results from BHNZ Contests

Note: This table shows BHNZ results for all years, including the years when a Pan Pacific convention was held.

Year Location Champion Chorus Quartet Champion Small Chorus Champion Chorus Results Quartet Finals Quartet Semi-finals Mixed Quartet
2023 Auckland
(Pan Pacific)
Vocal Fx
Mixed - Vocal Fx
Women's - Christchurch City Voices
Men's - The Plainsmen
The Usual Suspects Manu Mātātahi All result sheets All result sheets All result sheets Euphonic
2022 Palmerston North Open and Mixed - Pacific Connection 
Women's - Christchurch City Voices
Men's - City of Sails

5th Melody Manawatunes
Results Results 5th Melody
2021 Not held              
2020 Not held              
2019 Christchurch City of Sails The Vocal Network Manawatunes Open Chorus Results Open Quartet finals
Senior quartets finals
Youth quartets finals
Novice quartet finals
Most improved quartet finals
Open quartets semi-finals
Mixed quartet finals
2018 Tauranga VocalFX The B-Flads Manawatunes Open Chorus Results Quartet finals results Senior Quartet - Short Back and Sides 
Senior Quartet Results
Grand Central Quartet
(Pan Pacific)
Might River Harmony Revelation      
2016 Blenheim VocalFX The Vocal Network Highland Harmony  
2015 Hamilton VocalFX The Mission Polytonix  
2014 Wellington
(Pan Pacific)
VocalFX Revelation Manawatunes  
2013 Invercargill VocalFX The Vocal Network Southern Sou'NZ  
2012 Auckland VocalFX Revelation Harbour Capital Chorus  
2011 Brisbane
(Pan Pacific)
City of Sails Shore Boys Sounds Capital Chorus    
2010 Hamilton VocalFX Musical Island Boys Manawatunes  
2009 Wellington VocalFX Over The Edge Southern Harmony Chorus    
2008 Hawaii
(Pan Pacific)
2007 Dunedin VocalFX Musical Island Boys VocalFX    
2006 Auckland VocalFX Resonance Marlborough Sounds  
2005 Napier City of Sails Blu Tak Marlborough Sounds  
2004 Christchurch
(Pan Pacific)
City of Sails Musical Island Boys Marlborough Sounds  
2003 Hamilton Harbour Capital Chorus Checkpoints Marlborough Sounds  
2002 Timaru City of Sails Phoenix Rising Marlborough Sounds  
2001 Melbourne
(Pan Pacific)
City of Sails Reflections Marlborough Sounds  
2000 Palmerston North City of Sails Phoenix Rising Marlborough Sounds    
1999 Rotorua Canterbury Plainsmen Southern Harmony      
1998 Hawaii
(Pan Pacific)
City of Sails Aristocrats      
1997 Christchurch City of Sails Garden City Sound      
1996 Wellington Hamilton Hair Razors Fourte      
1995 Hamilton City of Sails Aristocrats      
1994 Auckland
(Pan Pacific)
City of Sails Garden City Sound      
1993 Christchurch   Vocal Minority        
1992 Wellington City of Sails Sound Connection      
1991 Auckland   Vocal Minority          
1990 Christchurch   Avon City Four             
1989 Wellington   Vocal Minority