Education Team

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Matthew Gifford

Education Team Chair

- Bass of 2014 Int'l Champion Quartet Musical Island Boys

- Assistant Musical Director & Vocal Coach Vocal FX 2016 Int'l 6th Place Chorus

- BHS & AGBJ Certified Singing Judge

- Harmony University/College Faculty BHNZ, BHA (Australia), BinG! (Germany), BHS (Barbershop Harmony Society - USA), Holland Harmony.

- Int'l Quartet and Chorus Coach.

- Keynote Speaker 2015 BHS Harmony University (Nashville, USA)

Jill Rodgers

Education Team

National Education Coordinator

- Musical Director Mighty River Harmony, Hamilton

- Lead of 2003 National SAI Champion Quartet 4th Avenue

- Harmony University New Zealand/College Faculty BHNZ

- Teaching Faculty Musical Director Training Programme

- Quartet and Chorus Coach.

- Personal Vocal Instructor

Charlotte Murray

Education Team

- Musical Director Vocal FX 2016 Int'l 6th Place Chorus

- AGBJ Certified Performance Judge

- YSIH Musical Director Tawa College

- Coach of 2014 Int'l Quartet Champions Musical Island Boys

- Barbershop Harmony Society certified Master Director

- Quartet and Chorus Coach.